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Laws are the primary fundamental of our society which keeps us and necessarily checks us from sliding down the paths of anarchy and lawlessness. Laws ensure the sustenance of order and stability.

About Us

Lawyers2unow are a dedicated and driven law firm who are in the servitude of our clients. We will assist you and guide through the most complicated and convoluted legal hassles and will make sure that you emerge victorious and benefitted. Equipped with exemplary understanding of the laws themselves and their applications, we proceed and act keeping our client’s interest in mind and provide them with a consultation and representation which is tailored to suit each and all their legal needs.

  • Unparalleled understanding of the law
  • Unrivalled advice and advocacy
  • Highest professional standards
  • Highly experienced team of expert lawyers
  • Flawless and accurate Legal documentation
  • Competitive pricing


Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as divorce, child and spouse maintenance.


We will help you in achieving the rightful compensation that you deserve.


We have expert and prolific insolvency practitioners to guide and assist you.


Our experts of family law will help and be there for you in these hard times.


Let our team of lawyers assist you in protecting your business from foreclosure.


Our experienced and efficient criminal lawyers will defend you in the court of law.

Civil rights are basic and fundamental rights that each and every person in this world is entitled to and enjoys. Civil rights protect our safety and freedom from violation by individual, government or corporations.

  • Civil and political rights
  • Whistle blower protection
  • Police misconduct
  • Cyber-racism and hate crimes
  • Asylum seeker rights
  • Indigenous rights and equality
  • Coronial inquests
  • Discrimination, including workplace or sexual discrimination

Everyone deserves equal rights and if they are denied the same, you can go to the court of law for compensation or justice. Civil rights protect us from discrimination, safeguard our legal and political liberties and ensure the application of personal rights such as privacy, freedom of speech, freedom of association. We have a proven track record of protecting our clients and their rights in their fight against injustice and violation of their human rights.

Abuse of civil rights occurs when you are being discriminated against by government agencies like police or by corporations or by individuals based on your caste, creed, race, ethnicity or sex. We are guided by principles of protecting the human rights that everyone is entitled to.

our clientstestimonials

A few words about our service from some generous and esteemed clients who have given us the opportunity to serve and assist them in their troubled times.
Michael Shpak

Thank you for representing me .Your advice and representation was all that I needed to get out of the legal hassle that I was in.

Antonio Dumento

Thank you for the wonderful job you did in my case. I had abandoned all hope but you were the one who completely understood my position in the case and acted in the best possible way.Thank you again for I can’t thank you enough.